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Our upright bike is classified into SW-U1 and SW-U1TV models which come with the same specifications. The only difference between the two models is that the SW-U1TV incorporates a 15 inch LCD display allowing users to watch TV or DVD while exercising.

The commercial upright cycle is equipped with an electromagnetic resistance control system to assure reliable performance. It is ergonomically designed, so it offers users great comfortableness during workout process. Its low noise belt driving system provides it with long service life.

1. The exercise machine supports exercising target input. User can input the desired calories to be burnt or the desired exercising time, and the information can be displayed on the screen.
2. The equipment also has variety types of exercising modes, including altitude training, intermittent exercising, hill climbing, fat burning, and more modes.
3. It also supports display of user's heart rate, and users are enabled to exercise in a specific heart rate range. Totally, the upright bike can display over 30 types of data, and users can contact us directly for more detailed information.

Technical Specifications
Model SW-U1 SW-U1TV
Packaging dimension 1550 ×700 ×755mm 1550×700×755mm
Equipment dimension 1105 ×510 ×1575mm 1105×510×1575mm
Max. loading capacity 150kg 150kg
Net weight 62kg 62kg
Gross weight 68kg 68kg

Strongway Fitness is a China-based upright bike manufacturer and supplier. We provide various types of products such as commercial spinning bike, two tier dumbbell rack, Olympic incline bench, and low pectoral fly machine.

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