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Commercial Treadmill Commercial Treadmill Commercial Treadmill Commercial Treadmill
SW-08 SW-08T SW-6.0 SW-A51

The commercial treadmill is a high grade exercise machine both at home and in gyms. It has a wide belt driven by electric motors, and exercisers are required to run on the belt at a speed matching that of the belt. Treadmill running looks the same with outside running. But actually, the former requires an exercise to expend less energy, because running on a moving belt eliminates the need to produce propulsive force. Therefore, the device enables the user to run 1/3 further than running on road. To suit users' varied exercising demands, the machine can be designed with varied modes to allow users experience varied pace running, as well as running on different terrains, such as the flat ground, upslope, and hilly ground.

Technical Specifications
Model SW-08 SW-08T SW-6.0 SW-A51
Power (peak value) 4.0HP / 6HP 4.0HP / 6HP 3.0HP / 4.6HP 3.0HP / 4.6HP
Speed range 1.6-20km/h 1.6-20km/h 1.6-20 km/h 1.6-20 km/h
Slope range 0-20% 0-20% 0-20 % 0-15%
Floor area 2450*960(mm) 2450*960(mm) 2460×1000(mm) 2100*830(mm)
Belt size 600*3740(mm) 600*3740(mm) 610×3740(mm) 520×3230(mm)
Gross weight / net weight 295/225KG 295/225KG 275/205KG 202/159KG

We can offer commercial treadmills in four models. All models adopt antistatic design, and have no exposed metal parts to assure safety. They are designed with an LED indicator type instrument display, ultra-silent AC variable frequency motor, heart rate monitor on the handlebars, and heart rate sensor system. These machine support speed adjustment according to users' heart rate, have soft-stopping and instant-stopping functions, and more. Clients can choose an appropriate setting according to their specific demands.

Strongway Fitness is a professional commercial treadmill manufacturer and supplier in China. We provide various types of products such as commercial spinning bike, seated arm curl machine, 3D Smith machine, and vertical knee raise rack.

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