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Commercial Spinning Bike Commercial Spinning Bike Commercial Spinning Bike Commercial Spinning Bike
SW-980 SW-960 SW-9000 SW-7800

Our commercial spinning bike is designed with electroplated cast iron flywheel, and is ergonomically designed to assure users' comfortableness. The seat can be adjusted in forward, backward, upward and downward directions, and the handlebars can be adjusted vertically. A water cup support bracket is available on the framework. The high strength pedals are large, and are equipped with adjustable toe clips. Additionally, the cardio equipment incorporates an imported, large diameter middle axle. Due to these designs, the exercise equipment has long service life and low maintenance.

In order to suit users' varied demands, we can offer seven models of commercial spinning bikes with varied specifications for customers to choose from. Following is a list of the specifications of this product.

Technical Specifications
Model SW-980 SW-981 SW-960 SW-961
Welding technique Gas shielded welding, and argon arc welding
Construction material (flat oval steel tube) size 50×100mm,50× 80mm, wall thickness: 2.5mm 40×70mm, 30×60mm, 40× 40mm, 50 ×50mm, 45×45mm, wall thickness: 2.5mm
Flywheel 20kg electroplated cast iron flywheel
Seat The leather seat can be both horizontally and vertically adjusted. The additionally micro adjustment system ensures effective adjustment of the distance between the seat and handlebars. Leather seat, can be adjusted both horizontally and vertically
Handlebar Vertically adjustable plastic dip coated handlebars
Net weight / gross weight 62kg /65kg 62kg /65kg 53kg /58kg 53kg /58kg
Installation dimension 1140(L) * 480(W) * 1130mm(H) 1140(L) * 480(W) * 1130mm(H) 1150(L) * 500(W) * 1190mm(H) 1150(L) * 500(W) * 1190mm(H)
Color Red, silver grey
Model Equipment dimension Packaging carton size Gross weight/net weight Flywheel weight Remark
SW-9000 1030*285*920mm 1085*285*920mm 56.5/53.5kgs 20kg Belt driven
SW-7800 1030*500*1030mm 1085*285*920mm
Model Equipment Packaging Loading Quantity (20'/40') Flywheel weight Net weight Gross weight Driven belt Drive pulley
SW-9100 1set/carton/11.8 cubic feet 93/185 sets 20kg 59.5kg 65kg Rubber belt Aluminum alloy pulley

The commercial spinning bike is a very popular piece of cardio equipment in body building field. Spinning was created in 1980s by JOHNNYG, a personal coach and an extreme sports athlete in America. It is a unique indoor cycling exercise combining music and visual effects, without the disadvantages of conventional outdoor cycling. The exercise is easy to learn, and is suitable for people from 15 to 50 years old. The indoor cycling allows users to burn fat, improve exerciser's leg muscle strength, and beautify the lower limb shape, and carry more energy to the required areas of the body. It has been founded that 40 minutes' spinning can consume 750 kilocalorie of heat.

Why choose us?
1. The chain or belt supports running in both clockwise and counterclockwise directions, allowing users to choose according to their own training demands.
2. The entire spinning bike has a total weight between 56.5kg and 65kg, including a 20kg flywheel. This assures movement stability.
3. The handlebars manufactured using plastic dip coating technique makes the adjustment easy and assures higher corrosion resistance.
4. The equipment has a press-down type brake system design, and the brake pads made of cattle hide can effectively extend the service life of the brake system.
5. The front caster makes the bike easy to move.
6. The streamlined framework design ensures elegant and aesthetical appearance.

As a China-based commercial spinning bike manufacturer and supplier, Strongway Fitness provides a broad range of products, including adjustable dumbbell exercise bench, elliptical trainer, seated leg curl machine, lying rear deltoid machine, and more.

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