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The strength training fitness equipment, designed based on the principle of body mechanics, is able to offer scientific and rational movement traces to achieve to goal of body building and exercising. It provides an ideal solution to build the strength and size of muscles, by use of resistance, gravity, and tension force to oppose muscle contraction.

The strength training equipment listed on this page is especially developed for those people who want to improve their overall health and well-being. It includes many varieties and thus meets the demands of exercisers with different stature and exercising intensity levels. This makes it an optimum choice for gymnasiums and related places.

1. The structure and joints of our strength training fitness equipment is design according to the human engineering principle, and the turning points are equipped with high performance bearings to allow a quiet and smooth motion.
2. The height-adjustable seat makes our strength training equipment suit for users of different height, and also allows more accurate posture during exercising. The seat cushion and back cushion are manufactured using high density sponge and high quality leather material, which assures great comfortableness for exercisers.
3. The counterweight can be conveniently adjusted to suit users' strength training demands, and the equipment is designed with an observation hole to allow users to see the counterweight weight directly.
4. Made of 2.5mm thick imported steel tube, the main frame keeps high tensile strength and toughness even after processing and long term use.
5. All the handles or hand grips are wrapped with protective sleeve to assure comfortable feeling and beautiful appearance.
6. The equipment surface comes with a layer of powder coating for fitness apparatus exclusive use. With strong bonding with the basic material, the coating assures aesthetical appearance and offers strong rust resistance.
7. Due to the adoption of high grade nylon pulley, 7×19 aviation standard high strength steel wire in diameter of 5.8mm, as well as the external PVC wrapping for the steel wire, the strength training fitness equipment is provided with high durability and ensures safety as well.

Currently, we can offer strength training fitness equipment in six categories. To illustrate, the six classifications are the 50*100mm square tube-SW series, 50*100mm elliptical tube-SM series, 50*150mm flat oval-SK series, maintenance free SH series, dual-function strength training apparatus KK series, and the multifunctional training apparatus MJ series. The SW, SM and SK series are all single function equipment. Classified according to the methods for achieving exercise goals, our equipment is classified into the counterweight type combined strength training equipment which includes the SW, SM and SK series, the single plate loaded fitness machine which is the SH series, and the multi jungle fitness machinery which consists of KK and MJ series.

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