Dual Purpose Training Machine

Dual Purpose Training Machine Dual Purpose Training Machine Dual Purpose Training Machine Dual Purpose Training Machine
KK01 KK02 KK03 KK04

The KK series dual purpose training machine combines two training functions, and thus can effectively reduce space occupation. With a portal up to 2100mm, it features a novel design. It provides an ideal solution for those people who have limited space but require multiple types of strength training modes. We can customize the dual purpose training machine according to clients' demands. The equipment structure can be constructed using either square tubes or oval tubes.

Model KK01 KK02 KK03 KK04
Equipment name Mega power rack Unilateral lat pull machine and mid row machine combination Squat rack and smith machine combination Lat pulldown machine and chin up machine combination (with dual-pulley system)
Counterweight 90kg 90kg No counterweight 180kg
Weight 246.2kg (excluding the counterweight) 130.2kg (excluding the counterweight) 160 kg 368 kg
Guide bar Length: 1820mm; Diameter: 19mm Length: 1820mm; Diameter: 19mm No Length: 1820mm; Diameter: 19mm
Steel type (tube size) Q235 (50×100mm, 50×70mm, mainly 50×80mm, wall thickness: 2.5mm)
Equipment dimension 3350×1690×2100mm 2307×800×2100mm 1750×2200×2100mm 1300×1300×2200mm
Feature Novel structure design in China; Portal height: 2100mm

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