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Hand Barbell Rack

Hand Barbell Rack Hand Barbell Rack
SM30 SW30

The hand barbell rack is able to support 10 hand barbells synchronously. It creates exercisers a safe and well-organized training environment, and also makes it easy for users to choose the right hand barbell. Also, it contributes to save space due to its vertical supporting structure design.

Model SM30 SW30
Weight 68.8kg 68.8kg
Steel type (tube size) Q235 (50×100mm, 50×70mm, mainly 50×80mm, wall thickness: 2.5mm)
Equipment dimension 1000×750×1430mm 1000×750×1430mm

Strongway Fitness is an experienced hand barbell rack manufacturer and supplier in China. We provide various types of products such as reverse hyper extension machine, jammer / push-pull training machine, commercial treadmill, and adjustable training bench.

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