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Weight Plate Tree

Weight Plate Tree Weight Plate Tree Weight Plate Tree
SM39 SW39 SW-8013

The weight plate tree is designed to enable orderly placement of weight plates, so as to assure a well-organized training environment and save space. Our weight plate trees are classified into three types, and the detailed information is given below.

Model SM39 SW39 SW-8013
Weight 23.6kg 23.6kg 40kg
Steel type (tube size) Q235 (50×100mm, 50×70mm, mainly 50×80mm, wall thickness: 2.5mm) Q235 (50×70mm, mainly 50×50mm, wall thickness: 2.5mm)
Equipment dimension 800×700×1300mm 800×700×1300mm 1700×300×440mm

Our company is a professional weight plate tree manufacturer and supplier in China. We offer a wide array of products, including leg extension machine, bicep curl machine, high low lat pulldown machine, recumbent bike, and much more.

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