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Muscle Training Sled

Muscle Training Sled Muscle Training Sled
SW-8011 SW-8010

The muscle training sled is primarily designed to improve the strength of quadriceps femoris. It is also effective in workout of triceps brachii muscle, hamstring, and the muscles of the calf, chest, hip, etc.

The muscle training sled is typically used in combination with the weight plates. Bend down and stretch the arms straightly to grip the handles, and then push the sled forward at a fast speed. This movement is dedicated to improve the strength of users' hip and knees.

Model SW-8011 SW-8010
Weight 21.26kg 18 kg
Steel type (tube size) Q235 (50×70mm, mainly 50×50mm, wall thickness: 2.5mm)
Equipment dimension 1285×800×655mm 941×500×331mm

Strongway Fitness is a professional muscle training sled manufacturer and supplier in China. We provide a comprehensive range of products, including super horizontal calf exercise machine, seated biceps strength machine, commercial spinning bike, and more.

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