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The single plate loaded fitness equipment combines the advantages of both the counterweight strength training equipment and the free weighs fitness machinery. It offers the similar experience to training using the barbell or dumbbell. However, the risk of wound or injuries is reduced to the minimum, due to its supporting structure, accurate training mode, as well as the limited motion range.

Without operation handles or sliding counterweight system, the single plate loaded fitness equipment eliminates frictions, and allows for performing of pull and push motions accommodating most users. Some plate loaded combination training equipment also allows users to do isolated rotation movement to train the specific target muscles. Hence, this range of equipment can satisfy exercisers' demands on safety and freedom, and is increasingly popular in strength training and body building fields.

As a China-based single plate loaded fitness equipment manufacturer and supplier, Strongway Fitness offers a broad range of products, including iso-lateral incline chest press / seated super incline press, Olympic flat bench, commercial treadmill, and more.

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