Leg Extension Machine

Leg Extension Machine Leg Extension Machine Leg Extension Machine
SK09 SM11 SW11

The leg extension machine is designed for legs workout, so as to improve the strength of glutei, quadriceps, and more. The initial position and the roller pads are adjustable to ensure best exercising results. Adjustable in multiple ways, the sitting type legs training machine is suitable for users with varied demands.

According to the structure characteristics, the leg extension machine is classified into SK09, SM11, and SW11 three models. The SK09 comes with fully enclosed housing for the counterweight system to assure motion safety. The other two models are designed on the basis of America's PRECOR and HOIST brand similar equipment, and offer a portal with 1,680mm height.

Technical Parameters
Model SK09 SM11 SW11
Counterweight 90kg 90kg 90kg
Weight 212kg 110.4kg (excluding the counterweight)
Guide bar Diameter: 19mm Length: 1550mm
Diameter: 19mm
Steel type (tube size) Q235 (50×150mm, mainly 50×100mm, wall thickness: 2.5mm) Q235 (50×100mm, 50×70mm, mainly 50×80mm, wall thickness: 2.5mm)
Equipment dimension 1500×1230×1525mm 1380×1100×1700mm 1380×1100×1700mm

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