Tricep Curl Machine

Tricep Curl Machine Tricep Curl Machine Tricep Curl Machine
SK05 SM06 SW06

As its name suggests, the tricep curl machine is designed to assist users in working the muscle in the back of the upper arm, mainly the triceps brachii muscle. Uniquely designed, the triceps muscle training machine comes with a slightly backward inclined backrest. This assures safety and stability during exercising, without the need of a safety belt. The specially designed large handles make the equipment suitable for users with varied stature.

Constructed using Q235 steel tubes, this range of tricep curl machine has high strength and good welding capability, which assures long service life and good structural stability.

Technical Specifications and Features
Model SK05 SM06 SW06
Counterweight 80kg 90kg 90kg
Weight 204kg 108.2kg (excluding the counterweight) 108.2kg (excluding the counterweight)
Guide bar Diameter: 19mm Length: 1550mm
Diameter: 19mm
Surface treatment Powder coating
Steel type (tube size) Q235 (50×150mm, mainly 50×100mm, wall thickness: 2.5mm) Q235 (50×100mm, 50×70mm, mainly 50×80mm, wall thickness: 2.5mm)
Equipment dimension 1100×1500×1525 mm 1560×1150×1700mm 1560×1150×1700mm
Pulley and steel wire Nylon pulley;
7×19 steel wire in diameter of 5.8mm (with PVC cover)
Characteristics This upper arm training machine is user friendly designed, and is detail-oriented. Due to the separated motion system for the two grips, users can conduct single-arm exercise. The two are designed based on the basis of PRECOR and HOIST brand machines, and they has a portal height up to 1680mm.

As a specialized tricep curl machine manufacturer and supplier in China, Strongway Fitness also provides tibia dorsi flexion machine, abdominal raise machine, 45 degree back extension bench, and upright bike, among others.

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